About me


I’m Marina. I’m creator of the concept Fit and Calm and the owner of the yoga studio of the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & resort.

I started my career as a personal trainer and Pilates teacher in 2007, and expanded my expertise to yoga soon after. I teach group classes and privates lessons at the Monte-Carlo Bay, guide privates clients as physical and mental coach, and organize conferences about yoga, mind focus and business. I developed the concept of being fit and calm through careful analysis of modern life and experience.

Fascinated by movement, and the mind and body’s tremendous capacity to cope and adapt, I’ve explored and looked into various physical disciplines which has enabled me to create an overall concept for the body’s way of functioning.

In my youth I was a dancer and avid sportswoman, which triggered my passion for movement, fluidity and precision.

After my university degree, I obtained a State diploma in fitness and muscle training.

I further extended my approach to movement and breathing by studying Pilates.

This activity is focussed on breathing and it awakened my interest in ancestral Eastern methods of training mind and body, which then led me to study yoga. I learned Vinyasa Yoga for a year, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga for one year and yoga synergy for 2 years, obtaining certificates from Yoga Alliance. I continued to train ever since, increasing my knowledges in hata yoga, yoga for elderly, yoga therapy, pranayama (breath work) and meditation.

I’m also certified in Vodder Manual Drainage, Swedish massage and Thaï foot reflexology.

The study, practice and teaching of these disciplines have given me an accurate and comprehensive knowledge of the mind, of the human body and movement. My method has been crafted through the acquisition of diverse skills and my extensive experience as a teacher and coach.

Try the exceptional experience of getting fit, feeling calm and focussed to experience the life you want.