Personnal training

Stretching session at the end of private class with Victoria Silvstedt

Suited to your own body morphology, your preferences, your possibilities and your available time.

Whether you want :

  • To lose weight
  • To tone up
  • To exceed yourself
  • To keep fit
  • To develop your physical capacities
  • To improve your performance in another sport
  • To complement another physical activity
  • To strengthen your back and improve your posture
  • To exercise safely during pregnancy
  • To get back in shape after childbirth…

Through training in:

  • Body toning
  • Muscular reinforcement
  • Cardio
  • Working with your body weight
  • Pilates
  • Yoga

(either working exclusively with one of these disciplines or a combination of several)

For :

  • Building up muscles (reshaping, refining or increasing muscle size)
  • Improving your flexibility
  • Strengthening your core (abs and back)

At the place that suits you :

  • At your home
  • At your office
  • On your yacht
  • At the Monte-Carlo Beach

Personal training also includes: