Yoga helps to unify and balance various aspects of physical, energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being and to reconnect us with the present moment and our immediate environment.

It’s the way of achieving harmony of body, mind and spirit.

I propose you different styles and practices of yoga to best correspond to your tastes and your physical condition:

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic yoga with a set series of postures in pace with breathing.

This traditional form of yoga is very effective for calming the mind, as well as increasing muscle strength and suppleness.

Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic yoga with a series of postures that follow in smooth succession. This is a more recent form of yoga that offers great freedom in postures.

Sweet yoga is a relax postural hata yoga.

Yin Yoga (restorative yoga) is a gentle yoga that relaxes the body and restores energy.

Yoga for the spine is a back focused practice to develop strength and mobility

Pranayama is a breathing technique practice for better flow of the prana

Aqua yoga is a new gravity free, lightful, flowing yoga practice to experience a deep and long lasting relaxation.

Full Moon special class, join once a month a special class to celebrate the full moon, renew your energies and set your intentions for the future with enthusiasm and clarity.

I’ll guide you with your breathing, your concentration and so get your mind and your body on the right road to progress and show you to make appropriate changes in postures to suit you so that you make the most of your lesson.

A relaxation sequence and guided meditation close the practice to relax body and mind and prolong the benefits of your yoga session so that it permeates into your everyday life.

For private lessons please contact me.

Special classes and workshops are regularly planed to focus on some aspect of the practice or for special occasions. Please check the news section.